4 Ways Walmart Is Using AI & Big Data to Improve The Customer Experience

Walmart is one of the oldest retail chains in the country, however, it is still on the cutting age of retail technology. Since, 1962, Walmart has remained relevant by providing a seamless customer experience and today, to do that they are bridging the gap between online and in-store retail. 

Check out these four ways Walmart is remaining innovative during the age of big data: 

  1. Pick-Up Towers 

Walmart launched 16 x 8-foot self-service kiosks at the entrance of stores for customers to retrieve online orders. Customers who’ve purchased items online can just scan the barcode on their online receipt and their products appear on a conveyor belt 45 seconds later.  The Walmart Pick-Up Towers have been an improvement over their traditional pickup process. 

      2.  Facial Recognition

Walmart is researching ways to use machines to identify levels of frustration on customers as they wait in line. The machines will learn to identify different levels of frustration. As the machines become more intelligent they could trigger additional resources to run the checkouts. 

     3. IoT to Monitor Products

Walmart filed a patent application to integrate IoT tags to products. These tags would provide insights into product usage, auto replace products. It would also monitor expiration dates and product recalls. The data collected would help Walmart determine when and where products are being used.  The patent relies on a variety of technology including Bluetooth and barcodes. 

For marketers, the data collected through this patent could help create personalized advertising and cross-selling opportunities. 

The tech world looks forward to the next level of Walmart retail innovation. Hopefully, it will be to buy me milk every time I runout and forget to buy. 


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